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In his younger years Paul struggled with self esteem and confidence resulting in becoming the target of bullying and abuse damaging his self worth even further manifesting in extreme depression.
To turn this around and after spending many years studying emotional development, psychology, social communication and mental health he turned around a very challenging situation into a full training system to enable people to come to terms with their internal challenges and also how to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life and personality traits.


Quote from Paul Ryder: To become the trainer and coach that I am today required a great deal of discipline and focus. To offer support to other people who are going through their own issues is not a simple case of giving advice – I had to come to terms with my own anger, resentment and shame to my past experiences. To look within is not always the easiest but it is very rewarding.

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Life Beyond The Mask – The Book

Q: Why is it that so many highly intelligent, skilled and hard working people unknowingly hold themselves back from the life they really want?

People are often taught to work hard and work smart but if they are not fully aware of the rules of the game…life can soon become a struggle of power!

Allow Paul Ryder to take you on a journey of discovering the keys to the mind, stress, limiting beliefs, social dynamics, co-dependency, control and coping mechanisms and more importantly how to unlock the potential of life.