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What is it you want in life?

​Life can offer many opportunities but sometime we can feel that we are either not ready, not good enough or just not prepared and then we sit frustrated watching those opportunities pass by. That could be the opportunity of the ideal career, finding inner peace from past trauma, getting in the shape you want, social confidence to be you or many other things.

Take a moment now to reflect on what it is you are looking for in life​...

Do you have a clear image or is it a little hazy? Or do you know what it is that you want but you do not know how to get there yet? Or do you know what you want ... and it feels terrifying to take that first step?

Meet Paul Ryder

In his younger years Paul struggled with self esteem and confidence resulting in becoming the target of bullying and abuse damaging his self worth even further manifesting in extreme depression.
To turn this around and after spending many years studying emotional development, psychology, social communication and mental health he turned around a very challenging situation into a full training system to enable people to come to terms with their internal challenges and also how to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life and personality traits.

 Quote from Paul Ryder: To become the trainer and coach that I am today required a great deal of discipline and focus. To offer support to other people who are going through their own issues is not a simple case of giving advice - I had to come to terms with my own anger, resentment and shame to my past experiences. To look within is not always the easiest but it is very rewarding.

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What Others Are Saying...

Having worked with Paul as he draws together his expertise and experience to create these engaging and meaningful tools, it is clear to see that he has a powerful message to share, and this course is an effective vehicle for that. The ongoing refinement of his own work has meant that Paul has been able to hone in on the key principles that we as social creatures need to work on to ensure we present our most relatable selves in our daily relationships.”

Joanne Watson

Ghost Writer

I have a very busy work and social life so when I look for personal development I need something I can put on my iPod on in the car and I have also studied lots on personal development already so I needed something that was deeper than the rest of the stuff out Paul's training programmes quickly get down the the core facts and stayed that way the whole programme – well worth the investment ten times over!

Andrew Gibson

Business Owner

Before Getting in Touch - Stop and ask yourself this!

When ever we think about making a decisions to take action on something...no matter what it is in life there will always be two different thoughts that arise.

Firstly we have the thoughts about all of good things that can happen as a result and all the new levels that we can experience and enjoy!
Secondly - We have the thoughts of all of the things that could go wrong or how taking action on the decision is going to hold us back in some way!

This is a natural process of the mind, but sometime the doubtful thoughts can take control and anxiety sets in. So ask yourself if you do want to take action... what doubts are getting in your way? Then list them all down and we can talk them though in the initial consultation.

Take Action and Start Your Journey TODAY!

1 to 1 Coaching

​You get ONE LIFE - so live it! 

Q: What is it you really want from life? How would life feel to have full control over your mindset, behaviours and focus? 

What life would you live if you were enjoying all the inner peace, confidence, self trust and self esteem you wanted? What would your life and relationship become?

Taking the first step may feel daunting so that is why structure is essential. Discover how you can be guided step by step through the whole process by clicking below! 

Online Courses

Life can be busy so if 1 to 1 coaching is not the right fit for you but you still want to gain access powerful structures and strategies that can bring you full self awareness to help you discover your true potential from self esteem, confidence, communication, overcoming phobias and many more then the online courses are a perfect fit!

Each course is designed to give you a full practical skill base that you can study in your own time and apply immediately!

Discover which courses are most beneficial to you by clicking below

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