Are there any areas of your life that you want to improve? Have you worked hard on them before but not had the results you aimed for? Are there any limiting beliefs that are holding you back but seem stubborn to release?

What is this situation costing you in time, freedom or health?

​How to Achieve Your Goals

​Enjoy the abundance you want

​Step 1: What is it you want?

​Ready your aim...

​What is your real aim? Or ​is that what you are looking for?

For step 1 I want you to consider two different areas...

Area 1: ​Internal aims

​This area covers self-esteem, confidence, self worth, how you see yourself in the world, motivation, sexual awareness of self, letting go of past trauma, inner peace or any area or emotions and feeling personal to you. 

​Area 2: External aims

This area covers career, finance, romantic relationships, ​social connections, how to communicate, negotiations, public speaking, leadership and any area that you want to grow into or acquire experience.

​If you could have anything right now...what would it be?

  • ​Self esteem?
  • Relationships?
  • Inner conflict?
  • Building your social world?
  • Anger issues?
  • Career change or growth?
  • Sex and intimacy?
  • ​Public speaking?
  • ​Past Trauma
  • question
    ​Time management?
  • question
    ​Personal growth

Step 2. What is your pain point

How is it stopping you?

​Again I want you to reflect upon the two areas...

Area 1: ​Internal ​challenges

​This area covers ​low self esteem, feelings of low value, imposter syndrome, feeling trapped from past trauma, anxiety attacks, continually doubting the self, feeling something is going to go wrong or anything that resides within your personal view of the world. 

​Area 2: External challenges

This area covers ​anything that is outside of you such as emotional conflict with another person, communication with other people, career challenges, post traumatic stress, ​physical health, subordinate staff or anything that requires new strategies to work on.

What ​​is causing you pain at this moment?  - What is it costing you in life?

Step 3: Ever feel stuck? Your not on your own!

Stronger the wind...stronger the trees

​In life it is sometimes easy to assume that everyone else has it all sorted out, but that is not true. Many people can create the illusion of inner peace and security and with the inclusion of social media this can often be amplified. How do you feel in relation to step 3? 

Psychological training has had so much stigma over the years, as if it is only weak and broken people who ask for advice, whereas the truth is only strong people will take action as facing inner challenges or personal growth can require great dedication.

Quote from Paul: "​​As I spent many years comparing myself to other people which resulted in me feeling like a failure and inadequate, because there will always be people who have more or are more successful in different areas. The true path to inner peace and external abundance is to discover who you are and be around people who value and believe in you!

Step 4: ​What is ​emotional intelligence coaching?

​The two parts of emotional intelligence coaching!

​Part 1: Learning new strategies

​In this part we will be working on strengthening your mind and creative processes by learning how the mind functions. How the mind stores emotions, understanding beliefs, social communication, anxiety, how the mind creates masks, understanding trauma ​which will work together to greatly amplify your inner strength.

​Part ​2: Self awareness

​In this part we will look at the aspects of how you see the world, which strengths and limiting beliefs you may be working from and also any suppressed emotions you may be holding on to. From here we can use practical techniques to re regulate any anxieties ​and re-balance them into your daily life bring inner connection.

  • ​Practical strategies!
  • ​Structured sessions!
  • ​Creative learning!
  • ​Working together!
  • Time to yourself!
  • ​Self expression!
  • ​Continual growth!
  • ​Support!

STEP 5: What benefits can you get?

​​Practical Benefits

  • Be committed to the coaching
  • ​Be committed to yourself
  • ​Be prepared to work hard
  • Be prepared to question things
  • Make time DAILY!
  • Take action!
  • Know that fear is temporary
  • Never give up!

​​Lifestyle Benefits

  • ​Self awareness!
  • Greater self esteem
  • Self confidence!
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • ​Higher energy and motivation!
  • Letting go and peace with the past
  • A greater sense of belonging
  • trophy
    Improved physical health and awareness

​"It is your attitude that determines your future... not your current or past circumstances!"


After only a few coaching sessions  with Paul I now realise my true potential and I can whole-heartedly say I am ready to take on my goals and start living the life of my dreams by setting up the retreats abroad.


​Tessa Smith



​As a former Army officer who had changed career and was happily practicing as a chiropractor and I undertook the course of coaching the result was amazing and helped me grow to a whole new level!


J​im Townhill


Step 6: ​Are you serious?

​Sure your ready to commit?

​As mentioned above, emotional intelligence coaching requires dedication and effort. It is true that you can get many great results but it does a need focus! 
​I say this in the greatest respect to people as starting and stopping sessions will hamper results, so with that, I only ask you to get in touch about taking coaching sessions if your are sure that you are ready to commit! Please take your time to reflect on this. 

Step 7: Any concerns / questions?

​Question everything!

​​If you are aware of...

  1. ​What you want 
  2. Are aware of what pain you want to ​move beyond
  3. Understand a base about the process of EI coaching
  4. Are ready to commit to yourself and the process 
  5. ​Feel that coaching is the right option for you.... 

...then it is only right that you will have questions! ​Questions such as timescales, ​what is involved, am I the right coach for you, how often is coaching required and a deeper level of understanding about the process. 

At this point I suggest writing out all your questions and reflect on them, then ​simply get in touch and we can go through a confidential informal chat to answer your questions.

Step 8
Take Action!

​​We always miss 100% of the shots we never take

​Actions speak louder than words!

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